Certification for event planners – Gold Certified


This verified badge shows that the person or organization holding it has been certified by Event Planners Club.

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The event planning landscape in the country is competitive, with countless new individuals and agencies getting into the mix each year. The saturation in the event planning marketplace requires one to differentiate themselves from the competition. Event planner Club has come up with the industry-specific certification program that will differentiate the Event expert from the brokers and the wannabees mushrooming from every corner.

Our Certification program is a voluntary program. Owning event planners certification badge is beneficial to your company or career, the payoff can be immediate and immeasurable.

The benefit of undertaking EPC certification processes is simple: Our event planners certification is globally recognized and acknowledges the member event planner has a high level of expertise, skills, knowledge, and commitment.

To request a Gold certification badge, You or your company must comply with EPC terms of service and have the following:
  1. Start by listing your company on the database and proceed to certification
  2. Answer our 15 certification Questions
  3. The company must have Tax compliance – upload
  4. Must be registered company -Upload registration
  5. Operate a bank account under the company name
  6. Must have a physical location where it operates its business from – Will be shown on the company profile
  7. Must have social media channels or a website to showcase your work/photos etc
  8. At least have some letters of recommendation – Upload at least 2 (or link us to your testimonial page
  9. Must have been in business for more than 1 year
  10. Must at least organized some corporate events /exhibitions/ conferences
  11. Accept to follow the event planners code of ethics
  12. Must market the certified badge on their marketing materials/website and social pages

Price for Gold Badge Certification $100 per year (Company) 

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