Certification for event planners purple badge


This verified badge shows that the person or organization holding it has been certified by Event Planners Club. Once you are approved as a member of EPC then you can use your badge. Renewable every year.

Contact us for any confirmation.

event planners certification


Rather than an unscreened listing of advertisers, our membership is based on the members who agree to follow our code of ethics and showcase the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in the events industry. Members earn STAR ratings from the clients. Star ratings provide customers a standardized way to compare event planners based on quality and performance. Our STAR rating gives our customers data they can use to make an educated decision to choose an appropriate event supplier or event planner. PURPLE BUDGE – $25 -KSH 2,500 per year.

The event planning landscape in the country is competitive, with countless new individuals and agencies getting into the mix each year. The saturation in the event planning marketplace requires one to differentiate themselves from the competition. Event planner Club has come up with the industry-specific certification program that will differentiate the Event expert from the brokers and the wannabees mushrooming from every corner.

The benefit of undertaking EPC certification processes is simple: Our event planners certification is globally recognized and acknowledges our certified members have a high level of expertise, skills, knowledge, and commitment.


  1. Add the basic listing/become a member on our website. Adding the listing means that:-
  2. Your company has a registered name- Add the name as requested once you start filling in your listing
  3. Add company contact details, i.e telephone, email, etc
  4. At least owns a social media account like FB, twitter or a general website – to showcase experience
  5. Has a location – Physical location/ includes people who work from home. The address will determine the Pin locator on the map. So if your company is in XYZ Street, just write that and the pin locator will be on that street and you can drag to the right location.
  6. Add at least have up 6 to good quality photos to upload.
  7. Be able to compile a winning description of your company (not more than 400 words)
  8. Be Willing to adhere to our event planners code of ethics

Purple Badge Certified  $25 Per year (Ksh 2500)

Once you pay your listing fee, we shall place the purple badge on your Profile.