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Expand your network

our goal is to bring together nearly 40,000 clients from every corner of this country looking to hire a professional in the Event industry.

Connect with specialists

Once a year, we hold an EPC Conference that gathers thousands of planners under one roof. You can build a network that stretches across the country and around the region.

Connect Locally

Engage with planners from your local area and from disciplines you care about. Discuss experiences, face challenges, and possibly land your next job in case they are overwhelmed with orders

Get EPC certified

All members, once they create their online listing/profile and agree to follow our Code of Ethics they receive a  purple badge certification. All Members must start with purple badge certification before they are invited for  EPC Gold Certification that will require a member to undertake the certification Exam.

This is the only national, independent verification of planners’ qualifications that allows you to use EPC Logo on your website and marketing materials.


Event planning Tenders and jobs

All members receive unlimited access to current tenders and job contracts posted by our corporate members.

Advance your knowledge

Get a boost from EPC online resource center. It’s a powerhouse of resources for event planners, upcoming planners and job seekers.

Variety of Legal sample Contracts

All members can access sample templates eg contracts, and many other important templates they can easily use as needed for their business

Guarantee Visibility

Your business will become relevant online though this website. Your company will grow as your customer reach will expand.

Value-added services

Members will receive discounts with our partners for products and services and other value added services.

A low membership fee of  Ksh 2,500 Per year.

Make yourself visible to prospective clients by completing your profile and join our membership today

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